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October 16th, 2005 
fuck you
It's very early Sunday morning, and I feel like writing some slash. I haven't written slash in years, really. I just haven't wanted to. But at this moment, still a little drunk and for some reason still wide awake, I want to. Joey's still writing it, Aaron's still writing it. Lots of the guys I know aren't.

Leo isn't. Johnny isn't. Nik isn't. Kevin isn't. Jack has disappeared, but he probably isn't. Ryan isn't that I know of.

But I've come across Jim and Brian who write it and write it well. Jim's drabbles are really excellent, and his nasty stuff is right on.

I need an icon that says 'Straight Guys Write Slash, too!'

And then I need to write some.

What will I write? Carson is damn skinny now and runs and lives this clean lifestyle. It would be harder to slash him.

Should I be writing in some genre other than RPS?

Well, I have no idea if I'll write slash again. Maybe I need an icon that says 'Stop Me Before I Slash Again!'

Need to take a piss. Maybe I should write a story about it. *evil laugh*