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October 14th, 2005 
i think therefor
So, if you lose your email and all your correspondence, feedback, info and assorted junk, do you cease to exist?

I need to do a short (hopefully) rant on Yahoo's deletion of my email. This happened months ago, and I guess I'm still sort of in denial of it. I wasn't using the web email that much, but I was going in periodically to keep it up to date. And I had hundreds of messages I had saved from four+ years.

Then, because of my being an owner of the Nasty list at Yahoo, I was deleted without warning. Gone. Kaput.

And all my friends' email addresses, all my feedback, all my sent mail, everything wiped out.

It took a while to get over it. Hell, I'm still not over it! A lot of those folks I hadn't heard from or corresponded with in years. But I had used that web email for tons of things, and suddenly I couldn't even log in.

I should thank the friends who helped me through it and got me set up again. My bro, Aaron, and Jay, specifically.

And may I say what bullshit to delete the Nasty list (which finally happened within days of my own email being zapped)! Yeah, it was sorta nasty, but compared with some lists, it was mild. It was mostly pop fanfic with a vaguely scat theme (but nothing disgusting, believe me). I'm sure there are hundreds of lists dealing with rape, violence, even pedophilia that have slipped under Yahoo's radar.

So if anyone reading this has sent me an email and wonders what the hell happened to me, that's what happened!