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October 10th, 2005 
i think therefor
I've decided to give LJ a try. I've had this journal for years and never used it much at all, but my ambivalence has morphed recently into something more resembling curiosity and even a tentative excitement. I see this as a way to reconnect with some of my old online friends and to keep in touch with some of the people who are across the country from me (that I can't see as much as I used to).

I've also gained new respect for the whole blogging thing and how it reflects on American culture.

So-- here goes nothin'!

Shout out to Father Mike michaelkillan and an enthusiastic bear hug. Looking forward to having him in L.A. (if that's the way it all shakes out).

Shout out to the rest of you (you know who you are). I'm not even sure if you have this LJ on your friends lists or if you have the alex_and_kit. I guess we'll find out, won't we?

Not sure if this should be public or friends-only. So, what the hell, it's gonna be public! (I have a lot to learn.)