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Beer, baseball and fanfic--

If I had spent the amount of time writing fanfic that I have watching baseball, I could have completed my 'Show Me the Meaning' series.

Did I really once enjoy watching baseball? Do all these crazy calls and decisions make the game more interesting or more disgusting? (I guess it depends on whether you live in Chi-town or L.A.!)

Anyway, we need to get the drabble community going. I came up with a list of possible topics, but Michael still hasn't checked them over and let me know what direction he wants to go. Hopefully we'll get started by the first of November. I guess that's a goal. He's already done a tremendous amount of work on the community.

Great rant in fatjoey's journal tonight. I had to shake my head in amazement at the bullshit in fandom. Nobody can put it in perspective better than Joey, who doesn't mince any words, believe me.

Time for bed, I guess.
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