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Beer, baseball and fanfic--

If I had spent the amount of time writing fanfic that I have watching baseball, I could have completed my 'Show Me the Meaning' series.

Did I really once enjoy watching baseball? Do all these crazy calls and decisions make the game more interesting or more disgusting? (I guess it depends on whether you live in Chi-town or L.A.!)

Anyway, we need to get the drabble community going. I came up with a list of possible topics, but Michael still hasn't checked them over and let me know what direction he wants to go. Hopefully we'll get started by the first of November. I guess that's a goal. He's already done a tremendous amount of work on the community.

Great rant in fatjoey's journal tonight. I had to shake my head in amazement at the bullshit in fandom. Nobody can put it in perspective better than Joey, who doesn't mince any words, believe me.

Time for bed, I guess.
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fuck you

I'm, uh, still a little drunk--

It's very early Sunday morning, and I feel like writing some slash. I haven't written slash in years, really. I just haven't wanted to. But at this moment, still a little drunk and for some reason still wide awake, I want to. Joey's still writing it, Aaron's still writing it. Lots of the guys I know aren't.

Leo isn't. Johnny isn't. Nik isn't. Kevin isn't. Jack has disappeared, but he probably isn't. Ryan isn't that I know of.

But I've come across Jim and Brian who write it and write it well. Jim's drabbles are really excellent, and his nasty stuff is right on.

I need an icon that says 'Straight Guys Write Slash, too!'

And then I need to write some.

What will I write? Carson is damn skinny now and runs and lives this clean lifestyle. It would be harder to slash him.

Should I be writing in some genre other than RPS?

Well, I have no idea if I'll write slash again. Maybe I need an icon that says 'Stop Me Before I Slash Again!'

Need to take a piss. Maybe I should write a story about it. *evil laugh*
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i think therefor

I have email, therefor I am?

So, if you lose your email and all your correspondence, feedback, info and assorted junk, do you cease to exist?

I need to do a short (hopefully) rant on Yahoo's deletion of my email. This happened months ago, and I guess I'm still sort of in denial of it. I wasn't using the web email that much, but I was going in periodically to keep it up to date. And I had hundreds of messages I had saved from four+ years.

Then, because of my being an owner of the Nasty list at Yahoo, I was deleted without warning. Gone. Kaput.

And all my friends' email addresses, all my feedback, all my sent mail, everything wiped out.

It took a while to get over it. Hell, I'm still not over it! A lot of those folks I hadn't heard from or corresponded with in years. But I had used that web email for tons of things, and suddenly I couldn't even log in.

I should thank the friends who helped me through it and got me set up again. My bro, Aaron, and Jay, specifically.

And may I say what bullshit to delete the Nasty list (which finally happened within days of my own email being zapped)! Yeah, it was sorta nasty, but compared with some lists, it was mild. It was mostly pop fanfic with a vaguely scat theme (but nothing disgusting, believe me). I'm sure there are hundreds of lists dealing with rape, violence, even pedophilia that have slipped under Yahoo's radar.

So if anyone reading this has sent me an email and wonders what the hell happened to me, that's what happened!
i think therefor

Never say never--

I've decided to give LJ a try. I've had this journal for years and never used it much at all, but my ambivalence has morphed recently into something more resembling curiosity and even a tentative excitement. I see this as a way to reconnect with some of my old online friends and to keep in touch with some of the people who are across the country from me (that I can't see as much as I used to).

I've also gained new respect for the whole blogging thing and how it reflects on American culture.

So-- here goes nothin'!

Shout out to Father Mike michaelkillan and an enthusiastic bear hug. Looking forward to having him in L.A. (if that's the way it all shakes out).

Shout out to the rest of you (you know who you are). I'm not even sure if you have this LJ on your friends lists or if you have the alex_and_kit. I guess we'll find out, won't we?

Not sure if this should be public or friends-only. So, what the hell, it's gonna be public! (I have a lot to learn.)
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